In storage industries, pallets are used comprehensively for shipping and packaging different kinds of goods. Too often pallets are used once and then they are discarded. This shouldn’t happen! Pallets can be processed again and reused if they are recycled.

In the current era, the economy and institutions and business owners have processors who can collect used pallets and have them recycled to reduce the cost of waste disposal. Pallet recycling can also minimize resource values, create jobs and decrease the risk of environmental pollution.

Since it is possible to recycle a pallet, many vendors in Minnesota normally withdraw a pallet after every delivery. Gently used pallets can be repaired, resold and reused. 

The following are reasons why recycling works in the pallet industry

To Ensure Pallet Processes And Purposes 

Wood pallets are often used in storing products, and they have been used for many decades as they can work well with a forklift. 

Restrictions on disposal of waste in its solid state has brought about a huge demand for producers of pallets to recover used pallets and repair them for reuse.

Recycling began to work well in the pallet industry as it turned out to be a less expensive means for many industrial individuals. Nowadays, standard pallets have been adopted comprehensively, as they are present in many grocery facilities at a high-quality rate and this is due to recycling services.

It Has Brought Solutions To The Wood Pallet Industry

Over the years, recycling has become prominent and many industries have made this possible. Wood pallet recycling means a comprehensive process by which pallets are recovered for reuse. Normally, the process involves collecting used pallets, sorting out the gently used ones, repairing them and then using them again.

One of the most critical areas of pallet recycling is grinding the badly damaged pallets that cannot be reformed; This is due to the process of landfilling these waste products.

In the year 1998, more than 178 million recycled wood pallets alone were landfilled, and in 2016, as a result of more pallet recycling, the number reduced to 25 million.

Surprisingly, many pallet users opt for recycled ones as they are said to be less expensive, while also efficient and long-lasting. For this reason, the demand for pallets in different standard sizes has gone up in the industry. Recycled pallets can be durable for up to 3 to 5 years. They can be more long-lasting with added functions.

For Cost Reduction

There will be a reduction in the consistent purchase of new pallets the moment you begin to recover used pallets in your industry. If your business flourishes daily, you can restore a used pallet more often and save money while also cutting down on package needs. One can make money from recycling pallets! 

Pallet Sustainability

Sustainability of pallets

A pallet recovery team will not only benefit financially but also help in boosting the environment through the recovery of solid waste that would have caused issues in the ecosystem. Most individuals involved in pallet recovery give companies a profitable means to plunge ahead toward a more sustainable or renewable business model.

Business owners can also contribute to environmental benefits through pallet recovery and inventory programs. This saves money and the environment. 

Safety Improvement

Recycling pallets can be beneficial both generally and in the workplace. Leaving broken pallets all over the place can cause some safety hazards. Pallet handlers can have an increased risk of injury or puncture wounds. New pallets can tip off when stacked on broken boards. The pallet handlers will not only be injured, but they can also damage the transported pallet and the product. However, pallets that are recovered and repaired can be safer to use and transport since they’ve been examined for quality. 

Meeting Sanitation Policies And Reduction Of Storage Area

Sanitation  Of Storage Area for pallet

When your storage area is minimal, you will develop a pallet system storage space to recycle pallets and because you consistently invent renewable pallets, your safety stock will remain in the facility and not be littered all over the place. Through a closed-loop system of storing your pallets, you have followed sanitation policy while also minimizing your storage area.

Also, with a pallet recovery and inventory system, you can meet all jurisdiction policy requirements and this is in line with heat-treating the pallets. This is often done with precision and following all government-led environmental rules. Pallet handlers can heat-treat the product and restore them without bringing in environmental problems during the process.


Pallet recovery has become very useful in recent years; Modern recycling is now adopted in many pallet industries to refurbish fairly used pallets that can go a long way in reducing the cost of production.

While pallets are restored to carry out more effective transportation, their recycling has brought about improved sustainability– they have become more long-lasting and help manufacturers to be more creative in their inventory.
The commitment to better the environment through pallet recycling and delivering customer satisfaction is the driving ethos of Pallet Resource Corp. We recycle more than a million used wooden pallets every year with our latest technology and machinery for repairing and dismantling pallets. Call 763-792-2882 for more info.