Pallet Resource Corporation

Pallet Resource Corporation of Blaine, Minnesota, is a full-service wooden pallet recycling and manufacturing company serving all of Minnesota and its surrounding states.

Owner Tom Saari says, “We run 6 semis and a dock truck for pick-ups and deliveries of pallets.” Pallet Resource Corporation offers next-day and will call delivery, or you can pick up your pallets in less than truckload quantities if you desire. Dock trucks often come in and pick up pallets as needed.

Pallet Resource Corporation recycles well over a million pallets per year. Utilizing the latest in automated repairing and dismantling of pallets, our company does a ton of volume. It’s not unusual to recycle 7,000 pallets a day!

Pallets come in good, bad or otherwise– we take them in, separate them, and run them down a repair line where they’re graded, sorted, repaired, etc. We run them through a barcode system in order to track what comes in on each trailer.

In addition to the standard size (48 x 40) stringer style pallet, we also offer 30 different specialty sizes custom built for our customers.

At any given time, Pallet Resource Corporation inventories about 50,000 pallets covering 5 acres. We also purchase pallets by the piece or by the truckload. Spotted trailers are available for larger quantity suppliers.

Pallet Resource Corporation is known for offering steady quality, service and pricing. With about 75 employees, including technicians, laborers, forklift drivers, truck drivers and office staff, Pallet Resource Corporation is committed to recycling “everything down to the last stick of wood!”

For more information, please call us at 763-792-2882.