A pallet is a flat, transportable sturdy structure that can support the weight of what it holds. To stack, store, assemble or transport items, you can use many types of pallets for your business. Pallets are essential because they enable simple transportation of stacked items using devices or instruments, such as forklifts and pallet jacks. Besides, they increase the operational efficiency of warehouses.

You will want high-quality pallets while running a warehouse for your shipping and storing purposes. Wooden pallets are among the best kinds of pallets.

It is hard to choose which sort of wooden pallet you need. There are so many distinct styles available.

Read on to know more about the various pallet types and their applications…

Roto Molded Pallets

Technicians use rotational molding to create roto-molded pallets. They come in conventional sizes and are affordable. It is essential to strengthening such pallets with wheels and steel frames; You can boost their load-bearing capability. Roto-molded pallets are applicable in sectors of the economy where cleanliness is essential.

Injection Molded Pallets

Injection Molded Pallets

Flat pallets in conventional sizes and colors are available as injection molded pallets. You can move these pallets using forklifts, loaders, or jacks, and they are often used to raise things during transit. HDPE injection molded pallets are corrosion-free, recyclable, and long-lasting.

Block/Deck Board Pallets

Block pallets are lightweight and have a composition of wood, plastic, or metal. Lifting block pallets is possible from all four directions. Twelve columns hold up the upper deck.

The wooden variant of this pallet employs blocks of solid wood to sustain the unit load. It is made up of nine blocks that support seven top deck boards.

Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets provide more support than block pallets. Additional support is provided by two boards running between the top and bottom decks on two opposing ends of the pallet. However, stringer pallets can only be lifted from two open sides. You can also avail the four-way type of stringer pallets based on your requirements. The four-way type pallet will offer a perfect cut to allow forklifts to pick up the pallet. The best application of a stringer pallet is when you want an affordable option for transport/storage. Professionals use such pallets in shipments where there is no requirement to get the pallets back.

Double Face Pallets

The majority of pallets contain only one deck. Double face pallets feature a top and bottom deck. They are robust and can handle heavy-duty duties.

Double Wing Pallets

Double Wing Pallets

The top and bottom decks of double wing pallets extend beyond the stringers to provide greater surface area, making these pallets excellent for transporting a large number of products at once.

Solid Deck Pallets

A solid deck pallet gets manufactured from a single continuous sheet of wood, metal, or plastic with no gaps in between. These are simple to clean and transport. They come in handy for transferring light goods.


Pallets are essential warehousing and transportation tools. You should ensure that the pallet type, load capacity, and size are appropriate for your needs as determined by your company requirements. Pallet Resource Corporation is the best place where you can get high-quality wooden pallets for your logistic(s) business. For more information, call Pallet Resource Corporation of Blaine, Minnesota, at 763-792-2882.