Pallets are a crucial component of any warehouse’s every day operations across numerous sectors. You need to know how to handle, utilize and store them correctly to prevent damage. Broken pallets can cause product damage, create throughput delays and necessitate costly repairs. Forklifts are the most common source of pallet damage, although problems can also be caused by day-to-day handling, unit load stress, and poor pallet quality.

Here are several simple methods for reducing pallet damage in your facility…

#1 Say No To Pallet Overloading

Avoid stacking loads on pallets that exceed the maximum capacity. This can lead to product failures and more significant issues such as worker accidents, product damage, and wasted production time.

#2 Obtain Durable Rack Protectors

Due to accidents or contact form loads, the corners of the racking system are susceptible to damage. Consider adding corner and frame covers to the racks to strengthen them. They are crucial to the stability and longevity of the racking.

#3 Ensure That Your Pallets Remain Dry

To maintain your wooden pallets in top shape, you must protect them from moisture. Prolonged exposure to moisture causes pallets to deteriorate. Therefore, storing your pallets indoors and in a dry location is the best approach to prevent moisture damage.

#4 Employee Forklift Training –  Educate Your Staff

It is critical that you adequately teach all employees how to use forklifts and pallet jacks. Fork lifting without training is hazardous. It is the top cause of pallet damage. When using a forklift to raise a pallet, one must do it at the right place.

#5 Proper Handling Of Pallets

Proper Handling Of Pallets

Pallet users should strike a balance between the necessity to move items, safeguard goods and prevent pallet damage. Never throw the pallets about or drop them. You must treat them with the utmost care if you want them to last. Always be careful to avoid standing on them because doing so might cause a pallet to crack because the design cannot support that much weight. Maintaining the quality of your pallets also depends on proper stacking techniques. To prevent toppling, you must make sure they are piled equally.

#6 Unstable Pallet Stacking

Due to changing weight or structural problems, the pallet’s contents might be one of the most prevalent sources of damage. Any item that hasn’t been placed correctly could cause damage to the other products.

#7 Buy Recycled Pallets From Credible Suppliers

Buy Recycled Pallets

The supplier from which you want to obtain any recycled or used pallets is the last factor to take into account. Wooden pallets that have been properly restored are durable and last longer.


Without pallets, you cannot imagine safe and efficient transportation of goods, right? Every business will have different pallet needs according to their operations and processes. You must look for pallet suppliers who offer you high-quality and durable pallets. If you are in search of high-quality wooden pallets, call Pallet Resource Corporation of Blaine, Minnesota, at 763-792-2882.