Wooden pallet suppliers are different from one another. Choosing the manufacturer of your pallet can seriously impact your business. The manufacturer of your wooden pallet(s) also affects other important elements of your business, like your company’s reputation and the protection of your product as it is being transported.

What Is A Wooden Pallet?

wooden pallet

A wooden pallet is a simple, portable platform with a bottom and top deck. The wood is the base on which products are set so they can be properly packaged for freight shipping. This structure is a vital part of your supply chain. People think that all pallets are the same for all suppliers, but that’s not true.

Wooden pallets differ from one supplier to another. The most important concern is adequate protection. The supplier should be able to transport your product with no damage.

Here are some top questions you should ask a wooden pallet supplier

1. What is the history of your company and who are your current clients?

You can get an idea about the dependability of a wooden pallet supplier from the history of the company and their clientele. A company that has been in business for a long time must be doing something right. Businesses that do not meet clients’ expectations and needs won’t stay open for too long. Those that are still in the business must have been effective and efficient.

Additionally, a company’s current client can let you know about how the supplier runs their operation.

The chances that they are competent and can be trusted are high if they have a good number of clients located in different areas. Large clients will not continue doing business with a wooden pallet supplier if their needs are not being met.

2. What is the size of your pallet inventory and how fast can you deliver?

wooden pallet

This question is more crucial than asking a supplier about the history of their company and their clientele. A pallet supplier will not be able to properly do their job if they do not have a suitable inventory.

If the supply company talks about peak inventory, ask about their average inventory. This is important in case your operation is prone to last-minute deliveries. You should be sure that the supplier would have enough wooden pallet supplies for you when needed.

Fast delivery is another important question you should not forget to ask about– if you ordered pallets today, when would you get them?

3. Where are you located and what is the size of your network?

Where a supplier is located should be a factor to consider before making a purchasing decision. Having them and their affiliates nearby will ensure faster delivery times and fewer shipment delays. You may want to re-consider the supplier whose company is more than a couple of hours away, depending on their reputation and your business needs.

The size of their network is important too. The supplier you choose should have affiliates or partners in your area. The partners close to you should be able to meet your needs.

4. Do you provide on-site wooden pallet repair and management of inventory?

It is a good idea to ask a supplier about on-site pallet repairs and inventory management, even if your business does not need it. There are many benefits to on-site pallet repair. The same goes for total pallet management. You will have an idea about how competent your potential supplier is when they provide answers to these questions.
It is a plus when you have a pallet supplier capable of handling on-site repair and total pallet management. It is an indication that they are likely to have the resources necessary to provide adequate service to meet your future needs.

It is also a bonus when the supplier has upgrading services as an option. You may decide that you want to scale and have pallets repaired and inventory handled on-site. In such a situation, it is very easy to talk with a supplier who is already familiar with your business operations.

5. Are you properly insured?

Many people do not consider or think about insurance until it is required. It is a mistake when you begin asking about policies after the occurrence of an incident. Ensuring that the supplier has policies in place (and insurance) must be your priority. Knowing that they have this protection will give you peace of mind.

It is also important that they have workers, liability and product insurance– good insurance coverage makes it simpler in case your wooden pallet shipment is damaged.


Before you decide to work with a pallet supplier, do some research to find out information about their business. Then, when you do speak with a company rep, you can ask specific questions. If you like their answers, you should consider working with them.

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