There is no universal pallet type available to fit into the logistics and business needs of all businesses. Business owners should know and understand this. As a result, they should consider some important things when buying new wooden pallets.

Factors To Consider When Buying New Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallet

Generally, pallets differ in terms of size, construction, load-bearing capacity and the material from which they’re made. Ideally, you cannot use one pallet for all applications. You must purchase the right pallets for your job(s).

Below are some factors to consider when buying new wooden pallets…

1. Shipping Destination

When it comes to overseas shipments, there are always going to be specific pallet requirements. Overseas shipments will, in general, need heat-treated pallets; Heat treatment is important as it goes a long way in preventing mold growth during shipment.

2. Overall Durability

Considering the overall durability of new wooden pallets is also important. As a business owner, you would not want to get a pallet that will soon break because of poor construction.

Ensure that you contact the supplier and ask some questions. Figure out if their pallets can withstand your conditions.

3. Weight Of The Pallet(s)

Weight of Pallet

The weight of the wooden pallet is another important factor you must consider before making a purchase. In terms of being able to hold heavier loads, wooden pallets are the best choice– they can do so without breaking. Wooden pallets are also simple to replace and repair. They are good for the environment as they can be recycled for biofuel once they are no longer serving their purpose.

Although heavier than the average plastic pallets, wooden pallets are better suited for storing and stacking. Investing in them is a good option in terms of heavy-duty shipping and performance. Additionally, the cost of replacing them is usually offset by the gains in storage and shipping.

4. Purpose Of Wooden Pallets

Pallets are primarily used in the warehouse and packaging industries. Wooden pallets are innovative pieces that allow for the transport of products safely and hygienically. Products like edibles and medicine, for instance, need utmost care during transportation. Wooden pallets can offer the care needed.

Furthermore, the diverse sizes and shapes of wooden pallets ensure that products are moved effortlessly. This is because their design and modeling help to provide 100% protection to different types of products.

Another important aspect of the purpose of your wooden pallets is having an understanding of the conditions where they will be stored. Factor in their suitability for short and long journeys. The required air temperature, either cool or warm, should also be considered.

It is a good idea to let your supplier know about the intended purpose of your wooden pallets. The supplier can customize pallets to meet your needs.

5. Compatibility

The compatibility of the new wooden pallet to your business is an important consideration that should be made before making a purchase. Every business is unique. Consider the relationship between your wooden pallets and your material handling equipment, like forklifts and pallet jacks. This is important as it will help you narrow down the most ideal styles and sizes of the pallets you choose.

6. Wooden Pallet Supplier

The pallet is a commonly used product. The market for this product can get complex. Because of this complexity, you must work with a reliable and reputable supplier. Doing so will ensure that you get the right wooden pallet that fits your business needs. Therefore, you should look at the level of experience of a supplier before making your purchase. Research is helpful, and you can also ask questions. Being in the wooden pallet supply business for a long time is a sign that they are a good company. No company with a bad reputation will last long in the pallet industry.


There are many factors to consider before buying wooden pallets. These factors may vary depending on your business needs. If you are looking for high-quality wooden pallets, contact Pallet Resource in Blaine, Minnesota, at 763-792-2882 for more info.