In the packaging process, wood pallets play a significant role. The term wood pallet refers to the flat platform that is rigid, portable and required for transporting heavy loads. Wood pallets are necessary for storing, assembling and transporting goods. With the help of a wood pallet, you can increase the convenience of the process for stacking goods. These goods are loaded on a wooden pallet with the help of a forklift. You can also use pallet jacks instead of forklifts. 

All businesses dealing with shipments and transportation of goods must take pallet packaging and storage seriously. Carelessness can damage pallets and make them unstable. It can also affect the overall strength of a wood pallet

What are some wood pallet storage mistakes?

#1 You Should Not Stack The Pallet At A High Position

Usually you may come across staff who stack wooden pallets at a high position. This is done to save space. But the vertical stacking of wood pallets is a risky and dangerous situation. The higher the stack, the riskier it is that the pallets may topple. If you want to avoid such a situation, then focus on horizontal stacking of wooden pallets rather than vertical stacking. If you want to stack wood pallets in a vertical position, then ensure that you are not exceeding a certain height. You want to make sure your workplace environment is efficient and safe. 

#2 Avoid The Usage Of Damaged Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Wood pallets are expensive. Due to this reason, people feel the urge to keep using damaged pallets with minimum repairs. While storing damaged wood pallets, you are increasing the risk of toppling because damaged wood pallets will not have the required strength to hold on to other pallets. The collapsing pallets may break or severely damage other pallets as well. If you want to avoid such problems, remove damaged wood pallets from the stack. You can recycle or refurbish the pallets after they completely break down. 

#3 You Should Avoid Stacking Wood Pallets Without Knowing The Dimensions Of The Storage Container

When you are storing wood pallets, it is essential to know the dimensions of the storage container. This will help you to stack the wood pallets in a perfect way without causing any problem. Moreover, knowing the dimensions will help you increase the convenience of the storage stack.

 #4 Don’t Be Stingy With Stretchable Wrap On The Wood Pallet 

Generally, businesses use a wrapping machine to perfectly pack wood pallets. If you don’t have a wrapping machine, use a proper manual wrapping technique. While doing so, don’t be stingy with wrap. You don’t want to damage the wood pallets and decrease their durability. 

#5 Always Ensure That You Are Properly Labelling The Wood Pallets/Packages 

labeling of wooden pallets

This is one of the common mistakes that people make when storing wood pallets. They do not label the packages of the wooden pallet properly. Due to this, the problem of shipping the wood pallets becomes difficult. You may assume that just one label is enough, but it is not. One label is not enough since it can easily be missed by the operators while shipping or storing. Therefore, you should use multiple labels to provide all the important information on the wood pallet. 


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