Do you work for a shipping operation, retail shop or warehouse business? If you do, you’re probably quite familiar with pallets. They help transport and store goods. They should be in good condition. Making use of damaged wooden pallets is not feasible– this may cause damage to products. It may also raise safety concerns for the employees having to deal with such wooden pallets. Therefore, experts recommend using pallets that are in good condition. Moreover, you need to know how to protect pallets

Here are some tips that you can follow for pallet protection

#1 You Should Protect Pallets From Harsh Weather

Protect Pallets From Harsh Weather

Weather can change anytime; The wind, rainfall, snowfall, and UV rays of the sun have an adverse effect on the quality of wood pallets. If you are not able to protect your wood pallets from harsh weather, their service life and efficiency will reduce. So, if you plan to keep your pallets in the open air, ensure that you cover them up with a tarp or make use of an overhead shelter to protect them from the elements.  

#2 You Should Keep Pallets Dry And Protect Them From Moisture

Moisture is the greatest enemy of wood pallets. If the wood pallets are exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time, this may cause mold growth on the pallets. This is a safety concern– the consistent growth of mold can damage the pallet and turn it into an unstable material. Moreover, moisture can damage the structural integrity of wood pallets. This is undesirable and leads to losses for businesses. To protect wood pallets from moisture, you should keep them indoors in a cool, dry place. If you plan to keep the wood pallets outdoors, apply sealants and varnish to protect them from moisture. With the application of varnish and sealants, the wood pallets can easily repel moisture like snowfall and rainfall.

#3 Utilize Proper Forklift Procedures To Protect Pallets From Damages

forklift process

When utilizing the forklift, ensure that you are following standard rules. The improper use of the forklift process can damage a wood pallet. The damage is usually beyond repair, and then you cannot use the pallet further. If you want to protect the pallet from being damaged due to the forklift, train your employees well. Besides, your employees should embrace best practices to protect pallets. 

#4 Use Heat Treatment To Protect Pallets 

Heat treatment is one of the best ways to ensure that your wood pallet is protected. Heat treatment provides a lot of advantages along with providing protection to the pallet. With the help of heat treatment, you can prevent the trapping of moisture in the pallet. Moreover, it will prevent the growth of insects, pests and mold. Pests and mold can damage the pallet from inside. You may not know about it until the damage is visible to the naked eye. Meanwhile, mold and insects affect the structural integrity of pallets. 

#5 You Should Not Overload The Wood Pallet

Usually wood pallets are designed to withstand heavy weight. But they do have a certain limit! Beyond that limit, the wood pallet finds it difficult to manage the pressure exerted on it. So, before you use a wood pallet, it is essential that you know the load-bearing capacity of that wood pallet. This keeps your pallet protected and also maintains the safety of the staff. 


It’s important to protect your pallets from moisture and damage. You want your pallets to last a long time. Need different shapes and sizes or custom-built wood pallets for a specific purpose or project? Pallet Resource of Minnesota can help; Call 763-792-2882 for more info.