Quality control is essential in cold storage operations. Pallet consistency and quality are crucial in any cold storage operation. Unfortunately, pallets get handled many times before they’re kept in a rack to be stored. Obviously, no company wants to experience product damage and/or pallets failing; Careful handling of pallets is so important! 

For floor loading, there are ways to safely slip products into/onto a pallet. You can load the product by hand-stacking. If you are slipping it into the pallet, ensure no board is placed unequally. Placing boards of various weights can be a problem as boxes can be torn apart, and products will be damaged.

All-Encompassing Pallet Services

mobile pallet racking

Comprehensive cold storage service matters whether the product is perishable, like meat, or non-perishable, like medicine. These products typically go beyond national borders.

There are many types of pallets to invest in if you want to have the best cold storage operations. You can look for mobile pallet racking, pushback racking, shuttle racking and/or drive-through racking. You can decide to choose from any of these cold storage pallets. However, the operation that best suits your industry will depend on how you handle things in a facility. This means you have to get pallets that suit the type, quality and quantity of products that are being stored.

Thorough Repair Of Pallet Inventories

skilled managers looking for pallet repairing

Several cold storage operation chains can offer training to their managers and support teams to ensure that they are fully skilled and insured to handle all the pieces of equipment needed to repair inventoried pallets in an on-site facility. This saves time. 

It is very efficient to fix or repair pallets at your storage operations facility. When you do this, you increase the quality of your packaging. This also brings about more reliable and effective cold storage, even in an industry where pallet operations are faced with intense handling situations or pallets are used too frequently.


The use of pallets can optimize space through the increased availability of storage capacity. For quality wooden pallets, either custom-built or standard dimensions, call Pallet Resource Corp. at 763-792-2882 for more info.