Pallets are significant for the transportation and shipping business since they help ensure convenient and efficient transportation of goods and products. Pallets are the backbone of any shipping business, and therefore they are essential. Pallets can be plastic, metal and/or wood. The most popular pallets used in business are wooden pallets. They possess high strength, have resistance to weather, and, best of all, provide durability. Due to these features, most businesses choose wooden pallets instead of any other material. 

Wooden pallets are manufactured from two different types of wood — hardwood and softwood. The type of wood used in the pallets influences whether they will have high strength or not. Usually, the wood used for pallets either comes from oak or pine trees. 

Wooden pallets are quite a popular choice because they help in storing and shipping heavier objects that need immense support. Moreover, wooden pallets provide enhanced gripping strength and friction. This kind of ease in maneuverability is not found in plastic and metallic pallets. 

What are some advantages and disadvantages of wooden pallets? A big advantage is that they can be easily customized to meet required preferences. If you want, you can recycle and reuse wooden pallets. And they work well for storing and transporting heavy goods. Perhaps a disadvantage of wooden pallets is that they could retain moisture content (if not heat-treated) and therefore rot. If and when pallets rot, they could likely break, thus causing damage to the goods they carry. 

Presswood PalletsPresswood Pallets

Presswood pallets can be customized into different shapes and sizes to match the goods they’ll be transporting. Presswood pallet manufacturers use wood fibers and then process them at a high pressure and temperature. This strengthens the wood to withstand climatic conditions and the weight of the goods. With extreme pressure, the fibers of wood come together to form a single wood piece or a block of wood. As you’d imagine, these numerous wooden pieces combine to form a very strong single piece, making strong pallets for shipping and transporting heavy goods. 

Plywood PalletsPlywood Pallets

You can use plywood pallets for the transportation of light and medium-weight goods. Plywood pallets can be used in an extremely rough way and not be susceptible to breakage. Plywood also has resistance to moisture and wood bugs. You can use these pallets in different weather conditions and still ensure the security and safety of the goods on them.

The best aspect of using plywood pallets is that they can be easily customized to meet business requirements without any hassle. In simple words, wood is “decked up” to form the pallets with a perfect design. The plywood is sturdy and provides uniform strength to maintain a perfect balance when goods are carried. Furthermore, plywood does not have to face swelling or shrinking due to water content. 

The only limitation of a plywood pallet is that if you are not maintaining it with care, it can degrade and no longer be usable. 


Using wooden pallets is the norm for the transportation/shipment industry. Pallet Resource Corp. of Blaine, MN, can custom-build wooden pallets according to your specific requirements and sizes. Call 763-792-2882 for more information.