If you have a shipment or transportation business, wooden pallets are vital. They are an integral part of the business supply chain. Wooden pallets play a crucial role in growing a business. When wooden pallets are kept in good condition, the shipment process goes smoothly.

Wooden pallets are known to maintain the safety of products you ship from one location to another. When pallets are available in bulk, you need to take precautionary measures to keep them in decent condition. Wooden pallets are quite susceptible to changing weather conditions. Whether it is summer, winter, or a rainy season, take proper care of your wooden pallets.

If you expose pallets to extreme weather conditions, they can absorb moisture. Due to excessive moisture, the wood starts to rot from within. Mold and mildew breed on wet wood. Due to this, wooden pallets lose their strength and efficiency. Even if you dry the pallets, they won’t be of any use. The damage is done and such wooden pallets can cripple the supply chain of your business.

Here are some tips that you can follow to protect wooden pallets from changing weather conditions…

#1 Protect The Wood From Moisture

Protect The Wood From Moisture

When wood retains moisture, it causes damage to the wood from within. Some of the damaging effects that moisture has on wood include the growth of mold as well as warping and slowly rotting. The structural integrity of the wood is at stake! If you want your wooden pallets to be in good condition, keep them indoors. Moreover, you can apply sealant and varnish over the wood to protect the pallets from moisture. Sealant and varnish can also protect the wood from humid and rainy weather.

#2 Provide Heat Treatment To The Wooden Pallets

Heat treating is the best way to protect wooden pallets and keep them in good condition. Heat treatment offers a wide range of benefits to wooden pallets. With heat treatment, you can keep the pallets dry. When the wood is dry, there is no risk of mold or mildew. Moreover, it will also help in killing insects. Usually, the pests that feed on the wood are tiny and you cannot see them with the naked eye. They destroy the wood from within. Heat treatment eliminates all the insects and prevents them from feeding on wood. Heat treatment is also beneficial in enhancing the structural integrity of the wooden pallets. If you use the wooden pallets for overseas shipment, you need ISPM standard 15; It is possible with high heat treatment.

#3 Regularly Inspect The Wooden Pallets

Inspect The Wooden Pallets

If you want the wooden pallets to be in good condition, inspect them regularly. With regular inspection, you get to know about the actual condition of the wood. If any of the wooden pallets are rotting, you can remove them from the bulk group. Keep in mind that mold and insects can spread at a fast rate and destroy multiple wooden pallets within a short span of time. With regular inspection, you can extend the lifespan of your wooden pallets.

#4 Protect Wooden Pallets By Covering Them With A Tarp Tent

To protect wooden pallets, you can cover them with a tarp tent. This will protect the pallets from rainwater, humidity, and snow. You have to use a huge tarp tent and cover everything with the tarp. There should be a slight flow of air to keep the wood dry while not allowing moisture to get in there to rot the wood of the pallets.


Do you want your wooden pallets to last long? Protect them from the ever-changing weather. You can follow the aforementioned tips to protect your wooden pallets. If you are in search of the best wooden pallets for your business, call Pallet Resource at 763-792-2882.